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Government transparency is my main concern. For far too long we have had legislation introduced that would not have been considered had the bill required an author’s name and names of its sponsors. Hiding behind a committee’s name is juvenile. It is time for legislators to be held accountable for their action by recording their votes in all committee hearings and especially on the floor of the chamber.  

Healthcare is the fabric of a society. Healthier is stronger. Expand MediCaid (KanCare) to include all those who make too much for KanCare’s definition of poverty but earn too little for health insurance subsidies to kick in. A healthier community is a stronger community.

I would love to have our state lead the nation in providing a state run health care for all plan. It could be a ticket to better rural healthcare outcomes and also bring in people and businesses to populate more of this great state.

I will oppose any bill that looks to place more burden or harm upon the poorest citizens of this state. There should be consensus with all legislators that the sales tax on food should end promptly, and that an additional income tax bracket would be sufficient to make this change possible.

Fully funded education and the state’s future are linked. By investing in our children’s education today we will have a brighter future in all our tomorrows. The court is willing to allow the legislature to fix the funding but it needs to be done soon. Every day that it is not fully funded a child may be losing an opportunity to excel. I favor a school finance formula that delivers a great education to every child in Kansas regardless of their zip code or their family’s income.

A Kansas democrat for many years, it is an honor to stand and announce my candidacy for Kansas House District 50. Together with your vote – and your valuable help in campaigning – we can bring Kansas back to its progressive roots.

A Teamster local 696 member from 1985 until 2009, I worked at the Payless Shoe Source warehouse on Hwy 24 just northwest of Topeka. I remember being involved in contract negotiations not long after starting work there. It is an experience that all people should have sometime. The company fights for the best possible deal, while the union representatives work to gain a fraction more for those workers. 

Dan BrennanI am a Democrat because I believe in the ability of the worker to unionize in order to collectively make demands for better wages or working conditions. I am a Democrat because the voices of those who work for the companies in our community matter. I am a Democrat because I believe that our government should stand with the workers in their struggle to survive the rigors of life with low wages and high cost of healthcare.

Like many people who care deeply about their community, I became complacent with policy matters. I simply toiled away and earned time off to celebrate and left policy to others. Then I lost my job, which in turn threatened the loss of our home. 

To top it off, Sam Brownback became the Governor of Kansas. I had heard about Sam Brownback and knew that he would be bad for the state. I began some simple protest actions in the Topeka area. Occupy Wall Street was kicking up some heat in New York and elsewhere.  MoveOn provided some training and organizing help in those early days. I still marvel at Johnson County’s MoveOn group’s tenacity and gumption. They make great use of their limited resources and regularly voice their concerns.

I began to become somewhat of a regular face at the Capitol taking photos of organized rallies and the people behind them. I got to know many of the lobbyists and legislators. Being involved in the political arena is something that is a part of me, something I feel compelled to do. I fight for a better tomorrow for the common man and woman. I want to make their lives easier and more enjoyable by our efforts at legislation.

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