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volunteerThere are many ways to help with a political campaign, and doing so can be very fulfilling. Becoming a campaign volunteer gives you the opportunity to get to know the candidate better. It may even provide you with an opportunity to influence legislation on issues that are important to you. You’ll know that if elected, your voice was heard by a least one elected official.

Volunteering for a political campaign also helps you better understand the art of politics. You will make new professional and social contacts with people who share at least some of your political views. Volunteering is an excellent way to join the fight for social and economic justice.

Read “How To Get Involved In A Local Campaign, From Someone Who Did Just That” to learn a little about the importance of volunteers to a campaign.

Here is a partial list from Quora of the tasks you might do as a volunteer:

  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Making calls to supporters
  • Working on the “advance team” – that is, putting up posters and so on where the candidate will be speaking
  • Promoting candidates on social media
  • Doing data entry
  • Moving boxes
  • Putting literature in buildings
  • Doing statistical computer work to try to identify people who would support a candidate

If you are interested in offering your skills to aid my campaign and help us turn #kansasblue, please submit the form below:

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